We believe that just like a child needs theory & practice to excel in any subject, in sports/performance arts too, the child should have a balanced curriculum, which spans theory & practice.

Primary sports/performance arts curriculum provides a wide variety of activities involving movement appropriate to the level of development of the child.

Secondary sports/performance arts curriculum is a formalized physical activity involving competition or challenges against oneself, others or the environment, with an emphasis on winning.


Detailed insight is given for each sporting activity with respect to:

  • On-field practice
  • Visits to stadiums; Inter-School tournaments
  • AV exposure to Animated and Live Matches and Coaching Techniques
  • Access to Sports related books in the Library
  • Tips on Sports Injuries and Diet
  • Interaction with players of repute
  • Inculcating team spirit, positive competitive spirit and leadership skills that lead to character building
  • Certification


Speech & Drama shall include the development of over all personality, emphasizing mainly speech, expression, creative thinking, effective communication, helping students to achieve hand and body coordination. Students are encouraged to work and adjust to different working conditions thus developing a healthy team spirit. These activities help students to participate in Inter-House, Inter-school and various other competitions.