The first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was to glorify reading, writing and distribution of knowledge. “Grace Education Foundation” Pune,The Foundation is a non-profit making, non-aided and independent body, neither affiliated nor governed by any other organization local, National / International. The Foundation has resolved to pursue and fulfill this most significant command of Allah and to promote Education, it’s first school named “NEW GRACE ENGLISH SCHOOL”.

Our Vision

“The good of all mankind irrespective of caste ,creed or religion for a just human society. Literacy, Social Awareness, Self Realization, Self Support, Community Health.”

Our Mission

The basic and exclusive mission of our school is to create a culture of learning where children are well-motivated to become confident, ambitious and self-sufficient individuals. Supported by a staff of committed professionals, we provide facilities to cover the govt. approved syllabus for academics. Alongside, we also impart the moral Islamic values and physical training to our students. Special attention is given to cultivate excellence in personal manners, imbibe high morality and develop strong leadership skills. So as to become good citizens and contribute much to society, each child is made to practice life skills and take up hobbies of valuable interest.