Grace Community Resource Network (GCRN) is a collaborative platform that connects the community to firm up safety nets and expand opportunities for our students and community members. GCRN aligns services and connects resources to fill unmet needs for our students and community members and accelerates impact by leveraging community resources.

How you might use the CRN

  • Share resources (goods and/or services). Example: New Grace School has identified need of few students who need school uniforms. New Grace School will create a request for all the registered members. GCRN members would respond directly to GCRN regarding the resources they would like to share.
  • Seek resources for unmet needs. Example: you are working with a student who needs help to pay the competitive exam fees. Registered members would respond directly to GCRN to fulfill the unmet need
  • Share information on an upcoming service-oriented event. Example: your organization is offering an event to assist students or individuals with career guidance and scholarship programs. Or a doctor is interested in conducting health camp for the students. GCRN would share information about the event with all the GCRN members

If you have any questions about GCRN or have any issues getting signed up, please contact