At New Grace English School, we encourage healthy competition amongst our students.

Competitions are conducted every month from Grades 1 to 9. Each month has a specific theme for the competitions and covers a well-defined subject area. They are designed to encourage a holistic development of the student.

The theme for the month is the same across all grades with suitable age appropriate variations. The competitions cover Performing Arts, Speaking Skills, Creativity, Research & Application Skills, General Knowledge, and Art & Craft.

The Creative skills of the students are put to test with the Craft and Creative Writing competitions. The competitions in the month of January and August are designed in keeping with the spirit of Independence Day and the Republic Day of India. For Performing Arts, competitions to focus on the dramatization and performing skills of the students are organised. Some competitions also highlight the research and application skills of students. In such activities, students do the ground work for their projects at home and collate it in school with their team members before the final presentation, all within a stipulated time period.

While most of the competitions are individual competitions, there are some that are group competitions to promote team spirit amongst peer group.

The students of New Grace English School – Primary and Secondary are also given an opportunity to participate in National and International competitive exams like Marrs SpellBee, NSTSE, ASSET, etc.

The competitions at New Grace English School are not only limited to academics. Students participate in various inter school and intra-school Sports and Performing Arts activities to supplement their academic curriculum.